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How do I get my horse to be more forward?

How do I get my horse to be more forward?
When you ride notice whether or not your holding tension through your body, if you are and you are stiff in the saddle and sitting deep this may be causing your horse to think you want him to stay slower, if that's the case work on loosening your lower back and opening your chest. If this doesn't help he may be bored so I would suggest making your rides more complex and interesting with transitions and patterns like figure eights! :)
Set up 2 poles and make a 8 around them both. If he/she doesn't get up just sit there and do it until she/he starts to move forward
Keep your leg on. Use your leg to ask him to move forward onto the bit and accept the bit. When he puts his head down and accepts the bit, reward him with a give from your hands. Keep the contact constant while the horse is on the bit, and encourage your horse to move ahead of your leg. If he does not respond to your leg, then use spur and verbal cues. Use the crop as a last resort. Make sure that while you have contact, your horse is keeping his impulsion. Also keep your hands still and your hip angle and fingers closed. Keeping your elbows soft and elastic is key to keeping your hands quiet as movement in your hands may make the horse think to slow down. I'm no expert, but these subtle changes have worked for me! Also, what Grace said, exersizes are always a good idea. Hope I could help! <3
When you ride try using lots of transitions to keep the horse listening. Vary up your routine with hacking, pole work etc as you want your horse to be engaged and interested in the work. Reward the horses' forward energy with lighter aids and quiet riding to reinforce this behaviour