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Which bedding do your prefer (shavings, straw...) and why?

Which bedding do your prefer (shavings, straw...) and why?
I prefer shavings, they are easier to clean than straw, and disposal is much easier. Plus it absorbs urine very well!
Shavings, I feel like straw in sharp/ sharper than shavings and not as soft. Some horses also eat the straw.
Fine pine bedding, because it's light, fluffy and my horses seem to like it. I've tried straw but my horses enjoy eating it.🙂
I prefer shavings because my horse had a sensitive stomach and would actually colic on the straw she used to be on and now she's on shavings, she is much healthier. Plus I think shavings look nicer in the barn ;) but it does really depend on the horse.
Hey Lauren,

It really depends on the horse's individual needs. So me horses are allergic to the shavings, so straw would be a better choice because it is not as dusty. But, shavings are also more absorbent and easier to clean up.

I like shavings but when we stay away at competitions we use straw as its cheaper and easier to travel with. But over all I prefer shavings.
They absorb the pee, and other unwanted substances, and they are much easier to clean up.
The only down thing about them if that the shaving gets all over my horses, and sometimes the shavings can be to dusty.

Straw is good, but I am afraid my horse may want to eat it, and Straw is way harder to clean then shaving.!
Hope that helped!
It depends on the horse. For my competition horse(s) I prefer shavings. It is the easiest to keep clean, I know exactly how much my horse eats, it is comfortable but one big factor for me is that when they go to away shows 99% of the time the bedding used is shavings, and thus they do not have a change which may cause disturbance.
For mares/youngsters/other horses I prefer straw, as they can nibb at it to keep occupied and it is very comfortable with a big warm straw bed :)
I say shavings because it's comfortable and easy to clean
Shavings are really comfortable bedding for horses
Shavings and pelleted bedding that you add water to that expands. The barn I ride at uses both it just depends on the horses needs
Straw! Not only is it great for your horses coat and feet but it is also great for their upper respiratory system as there is no dust. Straw is also a perfect alternative for any horse that has sensitivity to certain types of shavings.
Shaving cuz it is more comfortable for my horses. It is also more absorbent. I haul and bed my stall with them
Shavings! Easy to clean and absorbes all moisture.
Shavings, they don't eat it & it's easy to clean
Straw is nicer for the horses
Shavings! I haul in shaving and have shavings in my stalls! They catch the pee a lot easier than straw.
I use shaving because it's a lot easier to clean and it's softer and safer for the horses.
I use shavings! I find they're easier to clean and manage
I love shavings, because its very easy to clean and isn't messy like straw