Ask Ravene: Is it possible to use the Becool solution before a travel and still be able to compete in the same day? Won't the horse be too relaxed/cold to the legs?

Hello Kareen,

BECOOL can definitely be used before a competition!
There isn’t any risk of relaxing the horse too much because BECOOL contains tryptophan, an essential amino-acid to regulate stress but not the energy!! That way, its use does’t affect in any case the horse’s performance and doesn’t degrade his tonic effect.

BECOOL is a liquid solution to mix with feedup to 30 to 60 ml per day during 2 to 4 weeks or before an stressful situation (competition, travel, etc..) about 4 hours before. The measures have to be adjusted according the horse’s reactions to the product.

Have a nice day!
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