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Best way to lose weight for riding?

Best way to lose weight for riding?
High fats, low carbs, a lot of water, and ride a lot😋
Running/walking helps me a lot! It keeps my stamina up, and builds leg and core muscle! A good diet is honestly more important than exercises, though
On top of riding lots, at least 60 mins of exercising is important. I go to the gym most days of the week, usually taking 1-2 days off max. This exercise does NOT have to be TOO hard, and one SHOULD take rest days. A good diet is also important. Sure, portions are a good thing to watch, but the actual nutritional value in the food you are consuming is more important. Good fule for the day will make you more productive! Too much excersize may be a little excessive. It is all about starting
slow. Taking it one step at a time is important to getting you close to your goal! It won't happen overnight, so work hard and stay committed!
Look up equestrian work out programs and diets and it will give you pictures and info of a bunch of stuff you can do