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Does anyone know good brands for show breeches?

Does anyone know good brands for show breeches?
Aztec Diamond do really good clothes
Elation Denim is a great brand, I have 10 pairs. They are the more expensive kind, but are total worth it, and I get plenty on complements about them! they can come fancy or plane for shows with a variety of colours. I have show ones and everyday riding one.
Animo, spooks, kingsland, Alessandro albanese
Tailor sportsmans, Rj classic, and Ariat are classic show breeches that judges like
tailored sportsman (classic, timeless), pikeur, ghodho, equiline, animo...i could go on and on lol
I loooove pikeur❤
Elation from greenhawk is my favourite
I've always gone back to the good old tailored sportsmans.
Hi Elizabeth!
Eurostar has nice breeches! I heard also that Equiline's and Animo's are pretty awesome too 😊
Hope it helps!