Any tips for curing a horse that enjoys rearing? (He has seen a chiro, physio and massage therapist and nothing is wrong)

If your on the ground go all crazy chicken on him/her. It really worked with my horse after one time on the ground he didn't dare do it for the rest of the day
You can try turning his head while he is rearing (it'll work if you're on his back and have a bit), he might fall, but then he'll be too scared to rear! This helped me when my stallion used to rear😊
Honestly, my friend's horse used to rear, and every time he did, she'd smack him on his poll with an empty plastic water bottle 😂 Her horse doesn't read anymore lol. Of course, you have to be on him for that to work, but while you're on the ground, keep his feet moving or let him graze. Don't even let him think about rearing
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