Thoughts on neck stretchers? Or other training devices. What do you like and what don't you like?

I think neck stretchers can be very useful and would recommend trying them out because it is very good for your horse. You can also stretch their neck by teaching them tricks where they follow a treat around you or stretch, putting their head between their front legs and to the ground. There are many ways and I would recommend trying them out
Hi AJ :)
I really like neck stretchers, I think they help a lot with working muscle into the horses neck as well as allowing the horse to understand where to keep its head. I also am a fan of draw reins as well as a Pessoa system. The only thing I have to say about all of these training devices is that they are really easily misused so you have to be really careful to use correctly and not just to rely on them to make you horse work how you want. You still need to use your body so your horse understands how to work without the training systems. Hope this helps! :)
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