I really get scared before riding do you have any tips?

Get comfortable with your horse. They might be sending you and can feel you getting nervous/tense. If you relax, your horse will, too.
Before my lesson or just before riding I turn on some relaxing music and talk w my horse and quietly groom her /him Just talk to them about ur day and if u had any troubles during the day that also clears my mind and relaxes me :)
Just breathe and relax
Hello Hissa,
It is okay to be anxious before riding. I suggest you speak to your trainer so he can reassure you.
Take time to take care of the horse you're riding and to get to know him better. Speak with your friends of the riding school that are probably a bit stressed out.
The most important is to talk with people and to spend time with horses as much as possible.
Good luck :)
Before I ride, I listen to music to keep myself calm before a lesson, especially if it's on a horse or environment I'm not familiar with, and psyches me up to do well a competitions ☺️
I think we all do get a bit nervous before riding. I myself are terrified of horses but love riding so everytime im on way to get on a horse im scared, i found out the best way for me to relax is to go infront of the horse and pet it and talk with/to it for a moment and taking deep breaths before going on the horse. Hope this might help you :)
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