has anyone had any experience with horses who are allergic to flies? I've tried anything and nothing seems to work.. every summer my horse has almost no tail or manes,

Flysheet. I feel your pain :(
yes.. sometimes I think it is just a thing she does the tail is already bald and the mains are verg thin.. I've removed alot in her box so she can't realy scratch but she will find her way
I've got the same problem. Literally nothing is working. He is getting bald right now. I have the special rug mentioned below but it hasn't helped much either. He even scratches his head with his hind feet
My horse breaks out on his legs from fly bites. I just put a ton of fly spray on him. And it seems to help.
If you can't use a blanket try just using some good fly spray and use alittle more than you would normally use
My horse is allergic to flies and I use special fly rugs which are slightly thicker than normal ones so that it doesn't break so easily and I have a lot of different fly sprays, oils and creams
thank you maybe I can try that and just call the vet .. the only problem at this moment is she has a little foal and I can't put a whole blanket on, I can only protect te manes al little bit..
Fly sheets
My horse gets 1 scoop in his AM and PM grain
It is called Hydroxyzine your vet has to prescribe it though
Yes! My vet told me that my horse has the worst bug allergy they have ever seen. In a horse he has to wear fly boots, a fly mask and a fly blanket.
He also gets meds, it's a powder that gets put into his AM and PM grain. I'll comment what his meds are in alittle bit
thank you for the link!!!
Have you tried a special rug?
There are some good rugs from Horseware : https://www.horseware.com/product-category/horses/horses_rug/horses_rugs_fly/
yes I think your right, I'm sorry I can't alwasy find the correct words for it because I'm dutch.. I have al lot of products but nothing really seems to work or just a little bit
Hello Luca,
Are you sure it isn't a summer dermatitis?
Because if it is, there are special rugs to prevent it and products to cure it.
Good luck :)
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