How often it is recommended to change your helmet?

I change it ever 2 years
On average every 4-5 falls
You can keep it unless it is broken or you've had bad falls on it :)
After you fall a lot than it's time for new one
Every 5 years
Every 2 years or so
I've read every 5 or so years but like everyone else has commented, it depends on falls too.
It's depends, if you've had a fall where you've hit you head you're supposed to change it and also when the safety standards change
every 2-3 years and everytime you have a bad fall. i'm not sure if they do it anywhere else but in Australia there are diffrent codes on helmets and some competitions they check your helmet to see if you have the correct code so if you have a helmet for 3 years or over you should probably see if you can get another one. i hoped that helped :)
Mostly after a bad fall where you know your helmet took the most of it.
Every 2-3 years, but if you knock your helmet you should get a new one even if the shell looks undamaged. The inside of your helmet has a shock absorption layer and if you knock your helmet, that layer gets condensed and stays that way (i.e., it no longer absorbs shock anymore). When you buy a helmet you should look into the helmet exchange program / crash replacement policy. For example, I have a GPA. I think they replace a knocked helmet within 12 months following my purchase for around $265 (even though the helmet is about $700 retail). Keep your receipt.
What I have heard is to change it if you hit your head in a fall
I don't think there is any specific amount of time. If your helmet starts to show damage, or you take a particularly bad fall I would suggest at least having it checked out or replacing it
Once a year
Hi Connor,

I would recommend changing your helmet as soon as it begins to show damage. A damaged helmet means it is less likely to work the way it is supposed to and do its job. Helmets should also be changed if they stop fitting you properly.

Enjoy your ride,
Some helmets don't show damage after having a big fall but I would check it anyway or change it if it was a big fall. Hope this helps
As soon as it shows damage you should change your helmet; damage means it is less likely to work the way it is supposed to and do its job. Helmets should also be changed if they stop fitting you properly.
Just a tip for when you are changing your helmet. Make sure that the helmet you are buying is up to the right standards. If you are unsure of which helmet to get, maybe ask your instructor for some suggestions. My equestrian friend bought a helmet which was not up to the right standards, and she had to return it (she got a full refund of course ) and had to return two helmets in total before she found the right one.
I'd just say if it does not fit you or is broken.
After it cracks or has had multiple hard impacts
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