My mare keeps getting white spots and her mane and tail is getting more and more white everyday. She isn't old and she isn't a paint. Does anyone know what could be doing this?

Anna I don not know. I'm her third owner if that makes sense. I'm the third person that bought her. I don't know if her mom was an Arabian or quarter horse or if her father was an Arabian or quarter horse. I think her dad is a quarter horse though
Jewels is a quarter/Arabian mix
She is about 11 years old.
Is she young? If she is you may have a grey horse!😊 Grey horses arent born grey they are usually black,chestnut, bay or any dark color really. Hope this Helped!
If she's young and still growing out her full coat she could be getting marks passed down from her parents or grandparents
do you know if her father or mother is grey? is she a thoroughbred?
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