I have a 7 year old pony who has come to me with some really bad habits on barging and biting, how can I prevent them?

I never smack the face. If you are going to punish by smacking chest or neck .
In my opinion I don't think smacking a horse when they are biting you will make them head shy. Obviously don't abuse them but, if they do start to become more afraid, give them pets and love. To show them that they shouldn't be afraid of your hand or anything but they still need to respect you. I've worked with a stud who has a tendency to bite and the first time he did I smacked him and said "no" loudly. I've never had a problem since with him and we are best buddies.
Hi! I would never hit a horse on the head, because it will become head shy. I like to have my knuckle right at their face and push it away when it comes to bite me. Just ignore. Just keep what ur doing. And if it's a mare, mostly every mare bites. It worked for my mare
When he seems like he's gonna bite, hit him on the nose, keep up with it consistently and he should get the idea.. 😊
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