Does anybody know how to get their horse to stop refusing jumps? When he does go over, he bolts..please help!😬

@tttbarn my horse is afraid of crops, plus i don't believe in using crops in this way and I don't ride in spurs
@majarosvall but yeah it's recent he went over once and then refused the second and third and the fourth he bolted right after
@majarosvall well he hasn't jumped in a year but he has before and even before now we've been going over cavalettis and trot poles and stuff so he should be fine. But my instructor did a single vertices bar and I don't know why she didn't do a cross rail first so yeah
Make the jump a really small vertical like 1ft and jump it over and over be patient and just work him through it until he is used to it and doesn't make such a big deal about the jumps
Slap the crop or use spurs
Has he always stopped on jumps or is it something he started with recently?
Have you tried free schooling him over? Do grid work to stop the bolting after the jump maybe? X
Just make him go foward and foward even if he stops he needs to jum it πŸ’šπŸ’š
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