I have just a regular nylon halter that I use. No extra strings or anything but is that ok to turn him out in? Or should I take it off altogether?

I would recommend taking it off but if you have a small paddock or a paddock with not many things in it e.g. trees, lose wires etc anything it could get caught on I think it would be fine
Definetly take it off. If he is hard to catch and you want his halter on definetly get a leather/breakaway halter! Hope this Helped!😊
Take it off. If the horse were to get caught on something, it could be extremely dangerous. If you choose to turn him out with a halter, insure that it is break away, and check on him often.
If the pasture is smaller and there's someone who constantly watches them. I'd say it's okay to leave the halter on. ;)
take off all toget
I'd say definitely take it off. Better safe than sorry, it can get caught on a fence post or be bitten and tugged by another horse... A lot of risks. If your horse is hard to catch, I reccomend going in the paddock with someone to help block the horse from running (but not chasing), coming in with a treat, and once you're close enough to the horse, put the lead rope around his or her neck so they can't run away.
Take it off altogether. Or get a leather halter for turnout
My horses at my barn do keep them on in the winter but in the summer we take them off unless they r hard I catch
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