Ask Ravene: Should we care for white hooves exactly the same way as for black hooves?

I know that their feet are more sensitive when they are white but it shouldn't affect them too much if you treat them well. Hope this helped 😊
Hello Tessy,

To take care of your horse’s hooves, more than the colour, it is very important to observe the nature of the foot. Is it dry? Brittle? Humid?
It can also vary with the weather and the ground nature the horse lives on.
Then, by observing your horse’s feet and by adapting to it, you’ll answer the needs of the hooves and the care will be very effective.

Our products EASY FEET offer a large product range :

When the weather is humid, you have the BLACK PROTEC, a black technical ointment which moisturize and feed while protecting from external aggressions. You can apply it on a perfectly clean and dry foot.
If you can’t dry the foot before application, I advise you to use our fluid oil PEDIFLEX which will dry the foot.
Finally, our tar NORWEGIAN PROTECT is ideal to create a protective barrier before exposing your horse to humidity. It has to be applied on a dry and clean foot.

When the weather is dry and hot, I advise you to use PURE PROTECT, our colorless and moisturizing ointment. It moisturize and soften the hoof. PEDIFLEX can also be suitable for dry weather as it is a universal oil.

In addition to this external care, BIODYNE, a food supplement to mix with the ration, help the hair growth and with the hooves health.
In the end, the color of the hooves doesn’t really matter as long as you take care of it by adapting to every situation.
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