What leg protections do you use for flatwork?

I use back boots
I use over reach boots and polo wraps
Polo wraps 💕
for only flat polo wraps
polo wraps
Equifit multiteq boots
Back on track polo wraps work amazing for flat work. I usually just wrap the front and use brush boots in the back!!!
1) Back on trackexcercise boots
2) Valena dressage boots
3) Equifit t sport wraps
4)Eskadron climates bandages with elastic polos
I personally use polo wraps just on the front legs, and bell boots. Nothing on the back legs because my horse is pretty careful.
Hello Phillipa,

I personnaly use the double lock brushing boots from WoofWear. My horse is not very careful and often has little wounds due to his lack of attention.

When it's not too hot or humid, it happened that I use polo wraps.

But it really depends on the horse. Some horses don't need any protections.

Hope it helps :)
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