Do you think that you must have money and own a horse(s) in order to be successful in the riding world?

Hi Brittney!
I really like this question! First of all I would say that yes I think it's a lot easier to make it in this business with money. Most barns or trainers looking for Catch riders will usually go for the kid who has all the high brand stuff and is able to afford the nice horses over a kid who isn't as fortunate despite the talent. This does not mean that it's impossible for someone with less money to make it big. Take Victoria Colvin for example. She came from nothing and worked her butt of grooming and getting on anything she could to become as successful as she is. I would say you just need to focus on yourself and work as hard as you possibly can and just get yourself out there as much as you can so people can see how talented you are. :)
No! As long as you work for it
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