Since it's may long weekend, I have lots of time to ride and I was wondering if it's ok to ride all 5 days or is that two much?

It all depends on how fit your horse is. He could easily last 5 days of work but you may have to spread out the level of intensity depending what he is use too. For 2 days out of the 5 maybe you could go on a trail ride, or have a loosening session, so everyday isn't full on hard work (if he's not use to it). Always change up your plan as well. Don't do the same routine and pattern every ride. Change it up, make it interesting for both you and your horse. If your horse is in peak physical fitness (show fit) he should be able to handle 5 days of work.
Hope this helps :)
i ride my horse six days a week. i jump about three times, spread out and we do about 3' - 3'3" depending on the day. the rest of the time he gets two light hacks and one more grueling one. it really just depends on your horse's fitness level and what s/be already does.
5 days in a row is fine just doesn't push the horse past their current level of fitness.
Hi Sophia,
I would say it depends on what kind of shape your horse is in. If you haven't been able to ride much for awhile, I would be careful of how hard I work my horse or at least give him/her a little bit of a break in between. :)
No that's not too much at all
Yes it's okay
It's a nit to much but you should at least ride your horse 2-3 times a week :)
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