Can you ride a horse without using a bit?

You can even ride without a headpiece at all! But if you ride without a bit don't pull the horses head to go a different direction. That's not riding that's just pulling. Use your weight and your legs to stear. Give it time and experiment since stearing with your legs and weight is something new to your horse too
Thanks all of you :)
definitely, some even compete without bit
Yes, the horse may not respect you as well but yes you can, you can ride them in a hackamore, bosel, or a halter will work to.
Of course if you think your horse responds better and is happier without a bit.
Absolutely! Bitless is the cheaper way to ride and results in a happier horse!
Yes! If you train your horse properly you can replace the bit with a hackamore but DO NOT use a bosel!
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