What colours does everyone put on there chestnuts?

White, blue or soft pastels
Hunter green. I personally think reds and pinks don't look great
I use white or lilac. Soft pastels look gorgeous on some!
Pretty much any color, but especially darker colors like navy, hunter, black and maroon!
Try burgundy color! It looks sooo elegant!
Fluro colours like green, pink and blue and purple these are what I like on chestnuts.
Hunter green and tan
I love green on chestnuts SO MUCH.
Pink looks adorable on chestnuts
My old horse (Charmer), I went with the color green. It looked really good!
Hunter green
My favorite colours for chesnuts are navy blue or red!
I like them colours blue, pink and red on chestnuts . Also white looks nice , but it will get very dirty !
I own a chestnut and I absolutely love pink on him everything I have is pink for him.❤️
I like hunter green with my horse! I have a saddle pad that is green and orange that I used to use on her and I liked those colors as well!
Sky blue
Mint green
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