How would you start a horse on small jumps? And would a two ft jump be two tall?

I started my green with cross rails intill he could jump around a full course of them and then made them into verticals and just kept getting higher
I started my horse with 2 ft and stuck with that for about 2 months before I went any higher and moved up from there now he jumps 4.5 easy
maybe start with 1 or 1.5 feet. Then get bigger as your horse gets better and is more willing to jump. But stay in little jumps and make your eq amazing before you go forward. ❤️
Generally, I start over 18 inch crossrails if they are doing well over poles. However, I think every horse is different when it comes to height. Sometimes larger horses don't respect 2ft fences since it is basically like doing canter poles. My 18.1 hh horse can take a 2'3" fence as a canter stride so when he would do 2ft fences he didn't even have to pick up his feet.
Thank You all.
Depends on the horse, some horses take to jumping fast while others take a bit longer, start with smaller cross rails and judging by the horses fluidity and bravery over those increase gradually
To start yes it would be to tall
I would start with cross rails
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