Ask EQUUS Laboratoire : I have an older horse and how can i keep him from limping?

Your old horse is suffering from athrosis and / or a problem of fitting I advise you to consult your veterinarian. As far as we are concerned you could use our CARTILEX products for relief.
Keep exercising him and if it gets worse, see a vet is what I can say.
you may want to use a joint supplement
Il n'y a pas de produits magique effectivement. Depuis presque 20 ans notre produit pour l'arthrose sur les vieux chevaux donne de bons résultats sur l'appareil locomoteur. Concernant le choix d'un traitement il est utile de connaître la pathologie exacte du cheval à traiter bien entendu.
There is no magic thing to make your horse sound. It depends entirely on what is wrong with your horse
To answer your question, I advise you our product CARTLILEX *
Cartilex is to be put in the ration 20grs every day .

This treatment will certainly relieve it.
Remaining at your disposal for any information you may need.
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