Are any of you partnered with any brands or companies (ambassador/sponsor)? If so, who?

wellesley equestrian, they sell gorgeous nameplated brushes & many nice equestrian wood products & accessories (and the best horsey smelling candles ever!!). use my code: WEPing10 for 10% off your order.

i'm also partnered w katherine cosmetics, they sell great makeup. cruelty free & paraben free!

finally, i'm partnered w sand cloud. a great company, they give 10% of their profits to save marine life!! they have beautiful towels, nice shirts, and gorgeous necklaces & water bottles!
use my code: Ping25 for 25% off your purchase!!!
Katherine Cosmetics (amazing natural makeup for riding or everyday life), Maverick Muffins (use code LB538 for a discount☺️) and Kerrits Eq
Hi AJ!
I am currently partnered with a great Italian brand called Zandona Equestrian! You should go check it out! They have some really great products to chose from!
American Equus, great stuff
@jcurtin what is 'Trm'?
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