My horse suffers from sweet itch in the summer, up to the point that he is now losing his mane & tail & getting bald🙁, do you have any tips to treat this?

Use baby oil to moisturizer and relieve an itch, keep using specialized blankets to get rid of any insects.
Yeah me too, I might call the vet if it gets any worse, because it's not even summer yet and already this bad
My horse is the same! This is the worst year I've had with his sweet itch as there are so many more flies about! I have to frequently change which rugs I use, I use citronella based fly spray as I find it works best on my horse and neem oil on his sore bits. I am on the verge of calling the vet for advice
Already using fly spray, a special sweet itch rug, disinfection shampoo and gel against itch. I just want him to feel good again😌
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