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Can a horse sense your fear?

Can a horse sense your fear?
I ALways knew yes, but having a horse made me reconsider this .. I think they are not like dogs that can SMELL your emotions due to a fine nose, I am very calm during riding but I have a horse that is scared almost by everything and very tensed. So I have this opinion that maybe they can’t really sense it, but sure they sense your tense position, however I don’t think they really care..
Horses are fleeing animals. When there is danger they run. If you are tens or scared they believe they have a reason to be scared too
Oh yes definitely especially if you are very tense and you don't really want that. Since they can sense it they will most likely copy the way you feel and they will be jumpy, fearful, may not listen to you, will refuse jumps, ect.
Yes! Horses can sense our emotions very well, thats why we need to stay calm and relaxed when around and riding them!
Yes, try to continue to be aware of what you're doing, be strong all these transient phases that happen to all.
Yes, Try breathing exercise before going to the barn, and tell yourself the good stuff about going to the barn and the good outcome it will be if you do go. Gotta keep positive and know you can do anything you put your mind to.
It will if you are tense. What are you scared of? ♥
Yes, yes horses can sense your fear if you scared or nervous they will then become nervous