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What are your thoughts on all day turnout ? (with grass)

What are your thoughts on all day turnout ? (with grass)
It's great! I think there should be a runin or somewhere for the horse to get away from the weather but that's just my personal preference.
I keep my horses outside. We don't have stalls and they do great💜
I think it is great, I think the more time outside, the better. But if your horse is on grass then you should limit the grain
@tularideshorses thanks so much what a great response
Best thing for them, we try to leave most of the ones out that we can but the pastures tend to get eaten down fairly quickly for their size.
My mare is turned out 24/7.She is black so I have to keep a fly sheet on her so she doesn't become brown.Make sure he is not by horses that are more dominant or mean.My mare hates everything and everyone so she is alone and just stands in the corner all day.😂Make sure there is nothing unsafe in the pasture.In pastures horses have A LOT more room to move around then in stalls so your horse will most likely be more happy which is a plus!Make sure they have shelter for when the weather is bad.Check with your vet to see if it is ok for the horse to be out side,because some horses are allergic to things that are in a pasture also some horses have fragile bones and it is not safe for them.If there is nothing wrong with your horse I say go for it!Hopefully this helped!
Love it!!! If you can do it defiantly do it.
@brooke.harris I completely agree! Horses shouldn't be locked up in stalls. Mine only sleeps in his stall because the shelter in the padock has no walls, only a roof, and there are no other horses in the padocks to make him feel safe.
If your horse is healthy, then it's great for them! Horse's natural habitat is the outdoors and in the wild, their main source if food is grass! It's super good for them and it helps get out some of their energy. As long as your pasture conditions are good and the horse is fit and sound, grass is the best thing for them!
i think it's the best thing ever!! as long as the horses are sound! horses were not created to stand in stalls. if a horse is able to graze even if not it's good for them to be able to be able to move freely.
It depends if you are training and need your horse to be a certain weight I would have them do a half and half thing so that you can help control how much they eat but if their weight is fine then 24/7 turn out isn't a bad option at all. Just as long as that have a plentiful access to water and a nice shelter for when the weather is bad
I think it is very good for the horse, but I do not turn my horse out all day, because I have a showjumper and I am trying to get some weight off of her
My horses are turned out on grass 24/7, in spring/summer the grass is controlled with temporary fencing and they have access to a shelter and water :)
I would make sure you are watching how much they eat so they dont get overweight - some horses just dont know when to stop even if they're full, but if you're horses dont have a problem with that then you should be fine - Also make sure they have a protected area if weather conditions are a problem where you live. Otherwise I think its a great decision!
Great! Just make sure they have protection from the weather and flies if there are any.