If I'm lacking confidence and I've got quite as speedy pony that I know is safe but fast would I benefit from a martingale?

if the pony isn't moving it's head while building imposition the martingale can't do that much for you. take a deep breath and remever that the more nervous and tense you get will reflect with what the pony underneath you will show. if you stay calm the pony will too.
I worded it all wrong sorry in my hand I think she's taking off but she is would I benefit from a Martin gale just for me to hold
I prefer using the running martingales, but I don't think they will messe fairly slow your pony down if it's taking off with you. Doing a lot of transitions will help!
My horse does that aswell, she thinks she can't just take off. I lunge her then get on and walk her around the arena and walk for about 10 minutes. I start to trot and then make her walk again. Your horse needs to know who's boss and who needs to control their speed.
Don't worry. Just be confident in yourself and at the end you will not even need to think about a martingale.
A martingale is to control the height of the horses head, not the speed of your horse so unless you horse is head strong I don't think it would benefit your horses speed😊
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