Does anyone have experience with owning/managing a barn?

@dlheventing i just messaged you :)
Hi there! I think I can help answer your question My family owns multiple barns, so naturally being a horse person, I'm in the barn as much as possible! Owning a barn is extremely a lot of work. It's way more expensive than board. First think of how many horses you want to have, Two think if you want boarders, Three are you doing all the work yourself or a hired hand. Keeping a horse responsibly requires feed, hay, shavings, and the supplies needed for having stalls. Also remember if you want to have boarders, charge appropriately so cheap at all. You won't be able to manage your property and still have enough money for all essentials. Having a hired hand is very helpful but very hard to find the worker that expect a extreme amount of money. If you would like more information, I'd be happy to help! Hope this information was helpful!
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