I'm running a kids pony camp, do have any fun ideas of activities to do with them?

Bob for apples?
I would also recommend doing competitions like cleanest tack or cleanest pony as it would encourage them to look after their horses
I think this might cause problems with insurance but swap ponies? Match a horse to a rider with the same ability as its current rider this improves their riding skills. If you want a less extreme version let a different rider café for a different horse for the day.
kid jumps. set low fences and let them jump around
Painting horseshoes!
Let them bathe the horses and even paint and make designs on their coat and then let them ride bareback! Also play games like hide and seek and follow the leader with the horse!
My friend had a riding lesson where they played what time is it mr.wolf on the horses and they had fun.
Egg and spoon, Simon says, ribbon race, treasure hunt (hide barn related items and have the kids search for them).
Decorate horse shoes, do balance exercises on the lounge line, like hands out to the side, above your head, back strokes etc.
Tag on the ponies can be quite fun, bullrush, cleanest pony, red light green light, musical ponies, trail rides
We also do pony parties and we play games like red light green light(green light they have to squeeze their legs and say woah, yellow light they slow down and say slow and red light they stop the horse and say woah),
musical stalls(lay poles on the ground and the spades between them are the stalls, kinda like chairs in musical chairs. Same as musical chairs the kids walk in a circle around the poles and when the music stops they have to get in between 2 poles into a "stall" and stop the horse, if the horse doesn't stop they keep moving and someone else can steal),
We also play Simon says( which is normal to regular Simon says and when the kid does what Simon doesn't say then they simply stand in the middle of the arena until the game is over, you can say touch your nose, hands on your hips, 2 hands on your head, reach for your horses tail, make your horse stop, go over a ground pole, ect ect. This helps with balancing)
You can also do egg on a spoon race (where you have 2 teams and each kid gets a spoon and they have to carry a plastic egg on the spoon and drop it in a bucket at the other end of the arena and after they drop their egg the next kid can go)
Hope I helped!
We do acouple camps at my barn in the summer and while ride you can make little obstacle courses using cones and ground poles and just be creautifve with it.
And when off the horse if you can make games or worksheets to help them remember breeds, colors, markings and moods.
You can also turn barn chores into fun challenges or games.
Red light green light, British bulldog are some games that some kids out at camp enjoy! Hope that helps:)
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