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I'm a beginner rided so whats best a mare or a gelding ?

I'm a beginner rided so whats best a mare or a gelding ?
Hi Aaesha!

I own a mare, and have owned her for a while now. We do eventing together so she gets her exercise so she’s not too mareish. She’s an OTTB and 6 years old. I bought her when I was 10 and at that point been riding for 4 years. I would say a gelding because they are more laid back and go -with -the flow personalities with a little bit of spunk. I bought a mare because I liked her spiciness and she was a rescue so I knew she was a good horse and didn’t have any bad mare tendincies.

Hope This Helps!

I prefer geldings but honestly it's the horse not the gender I have across some aggressive gelding and aggressive mares as well as calm lazy geldings and mares it depends how they were bought up and treated just try find the horse for your skill level
It depends but geldings tend to bond quicker and be more like a dog personality while mares can be a little harder to bond with
Tell a gelding ask a mare.
Depends on the horse but most geldings will be better suited!
It really depends on the horse, all horses have very different personalities!
From my personal experiences geldings have had been my luck. But is depends on the horse themselves and not the breed or the gender, or the color.
Look for the right horse for your riding level! That's the only factor. It doesn't matter the color, gender or breed! Focus on that and you will be fine
It realy just depends on the horse
I agree with @ariannaalvaarez, it depends on the horse and what you find you like best. I would definitely suggest trying a few out before making your final decision. There are lots of great mares and geldings in this world!
its really depends on the horses personality! some mares can be really low key and quiet, and some geldings can be tough, but both genders have ones that are calm and level headed as well