I bought my first horse today after years of leasing!
I have the basic items, but I'm wondering what helpful things you use as an owner that aren't the obvious necessities, what are your tips? :)

Purple chloropel spray! It is a lifesaver, especially if your horse is clumsy and cuts its legs in the float or for other small cuts and stuff.
Congrats! 🎈 bathing supplies and stuff like that
basic supplements like buet and maybe even some ace.
Baby wipes. I use them on tack (e.g., bit), my horse, my boots, my horse's boots and my clothes, my tack trunk, buckets, etc. etc.
Good boots for the horse and sore no more
Always have a first aid kit. Horses do dumb things all the time so you may need it lol
congrats! i have hoof oil, coolers and quarter sheets, a metal curry comb (works the best), polos/ boots, maybe a micklem bridle too! micklems are the best for your horse :)
Baby wipes, betadine, magic cushion, standing wraps and no bows, tri care, shiny spray (i like vetrolin), clippers, cooler, desitin, back on track products, soaking boot, hoof boot, and more boots (you can never have too many boots in my book lol)
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