Hi! Do you have any advices how to start riding again after 2 months pause? (I've fallen of my horse and injured myself)

Take it slow see how you feel, try and find a physio that specialises in riders
Take it slow and don't push it! Your going to want to go if you feel okay, don't. Your still going to be sore and will regret doing so much!
I fell off 6 months ago and broke my back and I'm just about to start riding again in 2 weeks and I'm just going to take it very slow and ask my trainers what I should be doing so that I'm not hurting myself or pushing myself too hard
Hello Martina,

Maybe start with a calm horse who you trust. Do a simple session the first time (ride out, simple flatwork,..).
Be confident, you can't forget everythong you've learn in 2 months ;)

Make sure to have a long warm up and a bit of stretching at the end so you won't be sore especially after an injury.

Good luck :)
Be confident and take it as slow as you need to, but try not to baby yourself too much. If you ever find yourself in doubt, go back to the basics and get comfortable again.
Don't worry the horse you are riding will be able to sense that you are scared
Start slow and work your way up. I wouldn't recommend just to jump on and go. Take your time and don't rush.
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