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Would you rather lease a horse or own a horse?

Would you rather lease a horse or own a horse?
So I would lease because its easier. :) LOL
Well, it depends. If you don't have that much experience with horses, then I would recommend you to lease a horse. If you have been riding for quite a while and know a lot about horses than you can own a horse. So technically lease first then buy. It's totally up to who you are and what you decide but this is what I would recommend.
Lease first, then own tbh
own but sometimes leasing is easier (I've owned 2 horses and I've leased 3)
I own 3 horses. So I would rather own s horse. 😊
Even though I do currently own a horse, I'd have to say that I wish I could be leasing instead right now because I'm going to college in a couple years and I'm pretty sure I'll have to sell my horse whereas if it were a lease, I would just end the lease. (I know some people do own horses in college, but personally it is not realistic for me)
It's better to lease
Own 50% half lease 50%
Own 100%
After five years of riding I have gotten a horse. If you are a begginer I recomend leasing a horse but if you are experienced and can commit to it then I would own a horse. 🐴
It depends if you just started riding then I would say definitely lease and take lessons but if you have lots of experience then definitely buy!
Lease then own so u can get experience before u own:)
Own 💕
Both have their ups and downs. I lease two and own one. Leasing gives me access to high quality horses that I would not be able to afford otherwise. But I enjoy owning as well because it gives me the freedom to change disciplines or training methods as I please, as well as making general decisions based on my own views and beliefs, rather than someone elses.
I prefer leasing. Leasing gives you most of the same features as owning but at 1/2 to 1/3 of the price. You also are able to switch horses without going through a difficult selling process.