I am trying to find a new English saddle and bridal and want to know a good company to get them from. Do you know some?

Micklem by Horseware is a great bridle!
A good brand is DSW
Good brands for a saddle are Bruno DelGrange, CWD and on the more cheaper side there is Passier and Prestige :) an A M A Z I N G brand for bridles is PS Of Sweden, they are just stunning and all the horses love those bridles. They are a bit expensive, but you pay for stunning quality and a happy horse 💓
All my saddles are bespoke and I like friendly service. I use Nick Dolman Saddlery, he is expensive but you do get what you pay for and he will come and check your saddles and do an adjustments if necessary. Hope this helps
For your saddle and everything I suggest Bruno DelGrange! It's more expensive but it's really a good quality!! I have my things for over 5 years and they look brand new again!
BR is the best in my opinion!
Horse Loverz
Equipe or CWD
beval saddlery has high quality bridles. butet sellier are fabulous saddles, as well as cwd.
I have a Henri De Rivella saddle, I personally love it.
Depends on how much you want to pay, but I personally recommend @devoucoux !!!!! The quality of their tack is amazing!
I have a matching pessoa saddle and bridle and i absolutely love them! The saddle fits most of the horses i ride very well and the it is very comfortable for the rider!
Pessoa is really good but is pretty expensive
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