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Ask Ravene: How can I build up my show jumpers top line?

Ask Ravene: How can I build up my show jumpers top line?
Hello Bailey,

How to build up his horse top line is a difficult question.
Clearly, the training program of the horse will matter a lot in the development of his muscles, and every horses’ needs are different. So I really advise you to talk with a professional who knows you horse such as a veterinarian or an osteopath so he will guide you through what is best for you horse.

In a general way, lunging the horse with his head low is a good way to stretch and build the muscles. I suggest hill work too if you have access to it. And of course a regular training is essential to maintain the shape.

As for us, we can help you with our range called “OPTIMISATION de la condition physique” in which you can find a large selection of food supplements.

-NUTRILIFE+ : It is a food supplement high in vitamins which contains all the elements to complete your horse’s daily ration, whatever is his activity. It looks like granules to mix with the ration, 90g per day during a month. It contains 20 essential ingredients (vitamins, minerals, calcium, phosphorus, etc.)

-NUTRIGARLIC + : It’s a food supplement to mix with your horse’s ration too. It contains essential elements including garlic, flax and cod-liver oil, beetroot, barley, etc. You give 30g per day during a month to renew 3 times a year.

-NUTRIFORME : it prepares your horse to a sustained effort. It contains trace elements and magnesium. It is liquid and has to be mixed to the ration, 30 ml per day during a month.