I'm a intermitdate rider my inner thighs always get sore the day after riding any good stretch ideas to work them out?

Squad with one leg and stretch the other one to the side and then to the fronT.
Before I start riding, I will stand up in my stirrups and put my weight down. It really helps stretch my thighs!
Do lots of stretching exercises after your done riding your horse and before...
I have often sore muscles and the thing that helps the most is stretching right after you rode. It'll help your muscles relax. I normally come home or stay at the barn and try to stretch (being seated and trying to do a split for example). Taking a shower also helps. Good luck.
I agree with Martina saying that practising an other sport could help stregthen your legs.
You should also dome some warm up exercises before riding and then some stretching.
Drink a lot of water several times during the session, it really helps with sore muscles.
Good luck :)
I heard that if you dont want to get sore the next day you should change the temperature of water from really cold to hot while you're taking a shower. I dont know if its true but maybe it will help you :) anyway to avoid soreness you can try thighs exercises (there are many of them on for ex. YouTube) so your thighs will become stronger :)
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