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How do I stop a horse from shaking its head to much will I ride it?

How do I stop a horse from shaking its head to much will I ride it?
Softer bit, bug spray, fly mask, check for ear mites for itchy bug bites
Relax, sit nicely in the saddle, don't put so much pressure on the mouth
Maybe loosen the contact you have with his mouth a little. Don't lose contact though
It may be the pollen try a pollen mask
Half halting halting sitting tall
Thanks guys but just saying Hercules is fine it's a horse at the barn I train
It might be the bit, too much pressure on the reins, or the bugs. If you haven't already try using fly spray or an ear bonnet. If that doesnt help, then talk to your vet because it might have something to do with their teeth!
Try giving him rein and shortening it slowly
I had the same problem and it ended up being that I needed a more advanced bit for my horse! I had an Argentine Snaffle Training Bit and it was giving too much tongue pressure!
it could also be bugs that are bothering your horses ears or face.
It can also be that you have to straighten your outer rain more (that's my problem with my horse)
Sorry for bad English!(Swedish...)
Opps press enter too quickly
-sometimes horses get use to that habit even after u check above,
Put in your mind two things,
When the horse does that it means he's not comfortable
Well that's a symptom of a problem. It's not the problem; it could be a reason of two problems:
- your horse teeth need to be floated
-your bit needs to be changed
-sometimes rarely horse