I'm a new beginner rider and I'm a very nervous rider do you have any tips for me to over come my fear to learn to canter and I can only jump cross bar?

In canter ask to do it on the lunge if you are getting really nervous! Also when you do it you will really proud of your self !
Hi I can hopefully help you not be so nervous when you are riding. What I do is just think I am in the area with only my horse. And I also talk and talk and talk to my horse and makes me feel better and makes my horse not be nervous because I'm nervous. Hope this helps 😊
Watch videos of professional riders online and imatte them. It will make you more confident and improve your posture. Good example is "Anky Van Grusven WEG2006 Freestyle Final"
Cantering is super fun. Just remember to sit deep in the saddle and move your hips with the horse. don't grip with the reins or your knees. If you feel your horse going too fast, half halts or even slowing back to a trot help. Jumping is actually super fun once you do it. Just remember to keep your balance and bend your back in the half sit. The feeling of soaring over a jump as a team with your horse is truly incredible:)
I am a nervous rider as well, so I can relate, especially since I am floating between beginner and intermediate rider. What I like to do to overcome my fear is pretend me and my horse are the only ones in the arena. It actually works; I forget other people are there and possibly judging my riding. Another thing I do is I like to tell myself that I'm a great rider and that I'm advanced and really know what I'm doing lol. I tell myself that before I go to ride. It usually helps, even if the ride went bad. Self-confidence is a huge part of horseback riding. I am a shy person, and the sport really builds up confidence in not only you, but your horse as well. What works best for me to relax my nerves is to pretend nobody's watching and that me and my horse are the only ones in the arena. Sorry this was long, but I hope it helped💚
make sure you are breathing properly
I am a beginner rider myself I find confidence by thinking of something nice and imagine of what can happen like I can go to competition and win.
We all have to start somewhere! :) A lot of people tend to get quite anxious when it comes to learning to canter, especially because it's a much faster gait than the trot. Although it can make some people nervous, it's actually a really smooth gait and, if controlled, is wonderful to ride! If I'm never nervous, I just take a step back and ask myself 'really, what is the worst thing that can go wrong?' I know if I fall, I can get back on. I know if the horse canters off too fast at first out my comfort zone I can slow them down soon enough.
Also, it may sound silly, but talking to your horse helps. Taking a deep breath before you hop on is also great as it allows you to release any tension in your muscles.
I'm sure you'll do great. With hard work you'll be cantering like a pro in no time! :D
Believe in your self ,sit tall, toes up because if you actually put your heels down your leg will slide up.
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