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ASK Ravene : how many times should horses feet get checked by a ferrier?

ASK Ravene : how many times should horses feet get checked by a ferrier?
In the summer mine gets done every 3 weeks to prevent the cracks getting bad and loss of hoof growth. Fly stomping season sucks
my family own 11 horses. most of the horses get checked every 6 weeks. the retired ponies every 8 weeks and we have one competition horse that is 5 weeks but mine and another is every 4.
It's about every 6-8 months depending on how fast there feet griw
Hello Izzy,

It really depends on a lot of different factors. You first need to take into account the fact that your horse is either shod or no, the nature of his hoof and the time it takes to grow. In a general way, for a shod horse without any particular issue, the farrier has to come every 6 weeks. However, only your farrier will have the ability to tell the ideal length of a shoeing.

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