What leg protections are best for jumping? Any brand recommendations?

I use eskadron or veredus open front boots, both very good for protection and last quite long quality wise. For the back legs, really only boots that only cover the ankle and do not wrap around.
I use tendon+fetlock boots or polos usually eskadron or horseware
Hi, I personally use both. When I use polo wraps I always make sure to use bell boots because they provide much more protection. But when I use open front boots I use kawell open front boots and dover bell boots. If you are looking some good protection for your horses legs, I would really recommend veredus, equifit or equick. They are a bit on the expensive side but are definitely worth it specially if you are jumping big. Hope this helps
I use polos on the front legs and eskadron's on the hind legs that just cover the ankle
Eskadron open front boots are great, as well as other brands! Check out smartpak or dover, they have a big selection!
Either polos, standing wraps, or any type of protective boot. Most brands work really well!
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