Tips for riders on how to ask for a flying lead change after a jump?

How do you get your horse to a flying change
Hold you horse strait with the outside rain and use your outside leg to ask.
You should put all your weight into your leg taht is on the side of the change (if you want to change to the right lead put your weight in your left leg).Slide the other leg back a little bit then squeeze with your calf.If you have a good position then they should do the change.Don't pull back on there mouth and don't squeeze with your thighs then that is telling them to slow down and that will give them a mixed message.Hopefully this helped!
Technically the horse should change above the jump, where it is easiest for it. Otherwise practice flying changes over cavalettis, then poles, and then on the flat until the horse fully has the hang of them and can do them easily.
Make sure you sit up straight and don't lean to one of the sides, and make sure you just put a lot of outside leg on, make sure your sitting up and lift your hands like 2 inches
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