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What color looks best on bay horses?

What color looks best on bay horses?
Bright red
Bays are so versatile color wise. I ride mine in royal blue currently.
I have a bay too and honestly, lots of colors look great on them. I would mostly suggest staying away from orange.
I love navy and green!!
I use hunter green, navy blue, turquoise, and maroon.
Burgundy or dark purple
a bright royal blue
Teal,white,or purple
Bright red looks so good on bays but they generally look good in most colours
A darker shade of red
* boue
Burgundy and Oreo
I use white and teal on my bay. I used to have another bay and I used purple on her.
But red looks really good too or any bright color!
My favorites are white or dark blue but most colours look great!
I think in white

White! But basically any color!