When jumping I tend to stand up too high in my saddle, any tips to hold my 2 point better?

If your standing to high in your saddle, try lengthing your stirrups a hole or two
Jumping position is not 2 poi t, it is a half seat. Yes, those are 2 different things. A half seat means your butt is barely out of the saddle, almost brushing the saddle. A 2 point is jockey position. When you approach the jump, just lighten your seat. The motion of the horse will take you as far out of your seat as you need to be. Small jumps you barely need to be out of your saddle.
Don't put your heels down put your toes up because if you put your heels down your leg will slide forward
Point your hands at the point of your horse's shoulders. Your hand positioning won't be right but it's a great way of practising your two point seat. Switch back to correct hand positioning when jumping higher or competition.
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