What is the best way to create stronger bond with my horse?

You could do a bit of ground work like liberty
GROUNDWORK !!! It's the best
Flatwork exercises! I also love bareback :)
spend lots of time grooming, giving treats, going on walks, cuddling, etc. idk that's what i do😂
Liberty or teach them tricks
Don't just go down to ride it learn your horse inside out so you know every move your horse is going to take, if jumping or doing flat work, you and your horse work together
Do ground work with them like leading,lunging,freelunging, and liberty.You could teach them tricks like smiling,following you,etc.Give them treats!Grooming them or even just spending time with them in the pasture or stall.Hopefully this helped!
spend lots of time with it, groom it and go on hacks a lot
Just spend lots of time with your hor
Ground work, liberty work, roundpenning/join up and even simple things like grooming, tacking up, teaching small tricks, giving treats :)
Ground work
Give your horse lots apples and carrots 😊 Hope this helps 😉
Liberty work and just tile with your horse!
Spending time with them is the only way.
Sit by their stall, graze them, groom them, run around and play, even simple training is bonding just bring them into the arena and make them follow you in circles and around poles and stop and back up make sure you have treats! Any time spent with your horse will build a bond
Horses are herd animals so you want to be part of the herd. You can be with them in the meadow, just sit there with a book. And which is a lot of fun! Let them loose in the arena and play. Jump around and run, stop and run. Make them run with you. You will see they will start playing with you :) don't worry about looking goofy while doing this you are creating a great bond with your horse!
Spend lots of extra time with him/her try things like lunging,grooming,or just hanging out with your horse and grazing
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