Human food that is safe/appealing to horses?
My boy always wants to share my snacks, but I'm worried to give him anything!
Do any of your horses eat bits of people food?

Cereal, carrots, redpear, pretzels
I had a pony once and it ate egg sandwiches. my current pony used to eat all different types of veggies and fruits but he has been diagnosed with equine metabolic syndrome so he cant have anything with sugar in .hope this was useful
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I have always given my horse my food and he's never gotten sick
Peeps, any type of cereal
Fruits and veggies (think bananas, apples, pears, carrots). I also share corn waffles (? Maiswaffeln, kind of like rice crackers but with corn)
I've given my pony crisps before, but they can't be too salty
Horses can eat cinnamon, peppermints, oranges, apples, carrots, bananas and other things like that
My pony takes my pizza and chips but ya
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