Does anyone know of any somewhat high quality show shirts (preferably long sleeved) for under $80?

Tailored sportmans, r.j classics, noble outfitters and kastel Denmark shirts!!!
Check out EMCEE apparel, they have a huge variety in colourful shirts that are very high quality material and breathable. They are around $100 (I think) but are well worth the money. You could also try QJ Riding Wear or Ariat.
Good Luck!
Thank you all for your answers! I have a 3 day show coming up and I need an extra shirt for it. I'll look into all of the brands everyone suggested! :)
Hey Lauryn!

There are so many brands of show shirts out there! And no, you don't have to spend a lot of money to get a nice one. I really like the kind Noble Outfitters carry. They are supper nice quality, well ventilated, and look flattering on. I recommend you taking a look :)

Tredstep sells great show shirts, they're so comfy but keeps you cool as well
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