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Ask @emilymoffittoff : How many times do you ride a week?

Ask @emilymoffittoff : How many times do you ride a week?
twice a week.
5 times a week, and my horse is 22 years old, very fit and doesn't act it!
About 30!
(I ride 2-3horses) I ride at least once a day but at the most 3 times a day!
I have one horse one pony. I ride my horse 4 times a week and 2 time lunging and a day off
Then I lunge my pony once a week and ride twice.
I ride my Connemara pony everyday
Average of 10
6-7 and 2-3 horses a day
At the moment 3 times on weekends as the floodlights on our ménage are dead. Otherwise 4 times my mare and once on a lesson horse.
2 but if I am able to lease this horse then 4
4 times a week. 5 to 6 over the summer