How do you organize your horse's work when the weather is really hot?

I ride early or late so it's a bit cooler. I also do really light work, short rides, and I cool her out and hose her down.
Ride early in the morning or late at night
i ride 5am or 6am and do a normal 20 min warm up and i do alot of walking in between then i have a 15 min cool down with a nice hose down
I ride early in the morning and do a lot of breathing breaks and make sure to give my horse a good 15 min cool down and hose down.
I would do shorter rides with your horse towards the end of the day.If you end up working them hard then make sure to give them a bath.Instead of riding you could do lunging excersizes, like doing cavaletti's on a circle or getting them to be responsive with noises like clucking,kissing, or woahing.Hopefully this helped!
Maybe ride in the morning or evening... that's what we do at my barn when it gets too hot
Hello Mona,

The first thing that I would advise you to do is to ride early one the morning when the air is still a little fresh or if you can't, late in the evening.

Then I would do a lighter work than usual with more breaks between two exercises for example. If you have the possibility to ride out in the wood, it can also be a good compromise to find some freshness.

At the end of the session, bathe your horse and let him dry where the isn't any draft. Give him water and if the weather is really hot and your horse sweat a lot, you can add some electrolytes.

Good luck :)
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