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What is your opinion on buying a horse without seeing it?

What is your opinion on buying a horse without seeing it?
Should defiantly see the horse.
I think it's ok if you've done your research on it. I bought my horse sight unseen and he's awesome but you just have to be careful. Try and talk to as many people as you can who know the horse and try and do background checks on the people who are selling it
I bought my pony without trying her and she is a perfect match. My sister and I got out other pony also off of a video and he couldn't be more perfect. I think buying a horse of videos is ok as long as you are completely sure this is the one and they are perfect. If you have any concerns you should defiantly try them. Still, if you are able to try the horse you should defiantly take advantage of that!!
If you know the seller of the horse well then it might work but if you don't then you shouldn't.The add you saw of the horse could be completely different from what the horse actually is.For example the seller could have posted a picture of the horse from 5 years ago and it hasn't been worked since then.There is a girl at my barn that bought her horse sight unseen and they day she bought it she found out that it had a huge cut on its leg.The horse has not been worked in a year. In some cases it works out and the horse and rider click, but in most it doesn't.Hopefully this helped!
Don't do it 😂😂 it might not be right for you or you could get scammed so don't do it 😂😂😂
I did that with my mare and she turned out perfectly fine. I got her from a very respected buyer and I called up a vet clinic close by to come out to their place and do a vet check with her. I also talked to riders and trainers that had been on her. I wouldn't recommend it really though. I got what i wanted and i haven't had any issues but I played a dangerous game. But in all honesty my family was tired of looking for horses and i kind of had to choose one or not get one at all. I don't regret it. It CAN work out.
Nooooooooo nooooo never
The horse could be drugged or something. I would look at the horse several times before buying it. My mare is an ottb, though she is a baby I went and looked at her 3 maybe 4 times because you want to see the horse and get to see their personality and see if you click with them. I have known a lot of people that buy horses sight unseen and it NEVER works out Of course this can work out for some people, and the horse that they buy can be fine, but if you don't get to ride the horse you are thinking of buying, you can't know what to expect ! Even if this horse could be well experienced, and you know the seller personally - and even if you see someone else riding the horse, it might not be the right horse for you. You will never know unless you ride the horse yourself.
I think you should see it .
don't do it... the thought without vet check and not seeing it is dangerous for the horse and you.
I did that with my pony jumper, I haven't regretted it. (After all she was from Florida so there was no way I could get out there to try her.) Although it depends on how much you trust the seller and their word, and where the horse is. If it's a few hours away I'd definitely suggest you go try, worth the drive, and if it's in another country or state etc, I'd really try and gather as much information on the owner and horse as possible so you can learn whether the ad and owner and trust worthy or not. Definitely do your research and ask all the questions, it's important!
Uh I wouldn't ever do that personally. People could tell you one thing but then after you pay for and get the horse it could be totally different than what you were told. I would look at it and even ride it and depending on how well you know the owner get a vet check sometimes even