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What do you think about Kastel denmark cool shirts?

What do you think about Kastel denmark cool shirts?
I am a huge fan of the Kastel brand and love love love their sun shirts! So much so that I decided to review them ;) Check it out:
i absolutely love them
Hi @hannahalker!

Thank you for your answer! Actually I bought a Kastel shirt for 29 euros! And I think I can't but Tailored Sportsman in Europe… but I hear a lot of good things about that brand! Maybe I should check its products 😊
Thanks a lot!
Hi Silvia!
I live in Florida and I basically live in sun shirts being that it's always insanely hot and the sun is always out down here! I have a few of the kastel shirts and they are nice but I honestly dislike them the most out of the sun shirts. My favorite is the Tailored Sportsman brand sun shirts. They are about the same price as the Kastel but honestly the quality and feel is so much better. I would really recommend these over the Kastel if your going to pay that price. ;) hope this helps!